Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Garden Bones and garden vignettes

   In Hopalong Hollowscaping,
 having a garden full of blooms is a jolly good thing, but it takes more than plants to create a really harmonious garden...it takes great GARDEN BONES. What are garden bones? They are the structural, permanent elements that give your garden interest, shape and form. Especially important in the winter, when nothing is growing, Garden Bones provide an eye-pleasing, interesting space in an otherwise stark garden. Fences, statues, birdhouses, walls, TREES, small structures are just a few examples of garden bones. Today, I want to talk about one of the best bones you can have:
Garden Paths as Garden Bones.
If lain properly,
they gently guide you through flower beds, courtyards,and outbuildings in a pleasing and rhythmic manner.

Paths can be made of many materials, but I maintain a similarity in materials  to create a continuity in the many walkways we have. Using  a rustic mixture of salvaged brick, found stone, broken concrete and timbers is compatible with our country gardens and home.

The purpose of paths is not just to simply get you from one place to another, but to make it an interesting journey.
Paths should enable you to stop, for a minute or two...
and "smell the roses" so to speak. You will observe the intricate delicacies of tiny plants, hiding beneath tinier plants, the intertwining of varied leaves and blooms, and bitty insects making their way to and fro.
Paths slow you down, and entice you to see things you would never have noticed from afar, by taking a closer look...

They persuade you to expect the unexpected..
as they lead you through secret places.
If paths lead hither and thither, one must make a decision...should I veer off the path and go left? 

or right? 

Whatever direction you take, be assured that you will find interesting sights along the way; which leads us to Garden vignettes. If Paths are Garden Bones, and plants are the Heart of the garden then I consider garden vignettes as the HeartBEAT of a garden...
 For they express the heart of the gardener
Artistic details are  placed in specific locations for quiet impact.
Always, nature helps out with a few brushstrokes of her own.
Below, the Morning Glory vines ramble and twine around the lantern in harmonious confusion.

That makes for a glorious vignette; placed by the gardener, enhanced by the plants.

 Set your decor, the growth will complete the picture

Paths that crunch beneath your shoes,

escort you up and down slopes,
 provide you with a seat,

and tease you with anticipation of what lies beyond that corner, that curve...
 are Garden Bones of the most engaging kind.
 Garden Vignettes
 can be playful, 

amusing, rustic, serene or nostalgic, it all  depends on your gardeners heart.
 In keeping with our cottage gardens and rustic paths,
  The garden vignettes in
Hopalong Hollowscaping


 are all of the above,

  and can be observed by walking those Garden Paths.

All of our animal family members use the paths...

and sometimes even BECOME living Garden Vignettes themselves,
as this sitting hen in the English Ivy will attest to.
Lest I forget the main purpose of  the Garden paths, please allow me to show you what one such walkway envelops.
Below is a small bed  that I renovated in a garden video last year. 
(You can see the BEFORE garden in one of my YouTube videos. You can also see how I created it's  garden path.)
 So remember, when  next you plan your garden, plan your garden paths as well.
They are such good bones.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Potting shed is transformed into Kizzy's Mercantile..

There are times when I haven't  clue as to what to post about.  So, how's about I just trek around the grounds and ramble  a bit.
Poor, dear "wanna be mamas"; we've had them all spring and summer. They sit and sit to no avail. These 3 hens refuse to give up and THESE are their second nests of the season.

 Trudy had 6 eggs, one by one they disappeared. It is a mystery, as she is well hidden. She is down to one egg, so there is still  hope.
 MIA sits below with 5 eggs in her nest.

It is in front of this EX-Potting shed that Mia sits on her eggs, near the RED door.

and knock on the door.

I love this red door, it came from England which makes me love it even more.
The paint is chipping off..but I like it that way. 
This is my EX Potting shed because I don't really need a potting shed.  I do all my soil mixing and potting chores on a covered porch AND store all my garden supplies in a porch closet.

  However, I DO need a place for guests to view my work when they come to our garden tours.  SO I have taken the potting shed and transformed it into "Kizzy's Mercantile", a little shop.

  Kizzy is the cat in a  book I am currently working on, you may recognize her as Peddler Kitty.
I chronicled the painting of KIZZY a while back.
Since Kizzy is a Peddler, I think she needs a shop, don't you?
 This tiny shop is only 12 x 12,  about the size of a small booth at a show. It was built from  rough cut wood left over from a previous building project, many years back. It is very rustic with a red tin roof,
 a nice cobblestone floor and 3 windows that let in a lot of light.
 It is a tight fit, but I can get everything I need in this space.
My Books, Greeting cards and prints all fit in one section. 

And, as you can see, I am NOT a woodcarver by any stretch.
  This marvelous old Soda Fountain cabinet from the early 1900's, holds all manner of supplies inside.

 and has a spacious area atop for product.

 The Virginia Creeper has "Creeped" beneath the roof and is meandering around the shop, I love that.

A few more Eggs that I confiscated from the ducks and geese

There is plenty of wall space to hang stuff.

 This 3 tiered display table was purchased from an upscale Dept store, "Going out of Business" sale.

 It holds various Goodes such as my cups...

 and my "linens"...so called.
Hopalong Hollowfolk

Paper gardens are dispersed throughout.

Beyond this window, is a lovely secluded area, I am planning a secret garden for next year in that area.
You just step outside the door and into the
 small courtyard.

walk to the left, open a rustic cedar garden gate
 and walk down a few stone steps...a perfect spot for a little garden.

 I can't wait!