Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October gardens and delight in the small things.

It is good to walk into the gardens after being away at shows.Even after 3 weeks of neglect, they reward me with their stalwart stalks topped with jolly petals

 and unexpected colors for this time of year. I think the butterfly is an American Painted Lady...don't you love that?

 This fellow was nearly thrown away with the weeds, but I saw him just in time. 
 He will be quite stunning in a few weeks. I believe it is a Swallowtail?
The last of the berries!

I am delighted with this Lavender, named "Phenomenal". These 5 plants are the only variety that survived this year, 20 other Lavenders expired. I will never, ever plant any variety other than "Phenomenal" again.

The potted succulents had a revival this year, I really thought they were goners after last winter.I find cacti and succulents to be the comical characters of the plant world. 

They just make you smile. Look at all that personality!

We are thrilled over something you may find silly...but.. we actually have a new grocery store in our area.  I've been here 25 years and the only "stores" we had were 2 tiny, expensive grocers on either end of this old town. To purchase food, we traveled to Knoxville 45 miles from here.
But wowie! A BIG, NEW, REAL grocery store opened, a mere 12 miles away, yet still in the countryside. Hurrah! It has  a deli, a bakery, a flower shop and a pharmacy, HA CHA! We're like real city folk now...only not.  There was an enormous American Flag flying outside the store, which I loved.
 (I never dreamed I would be photographing a grocery store, how weird.)
 In celebration of their opening we purchased from them,  12 Autumn Bloomers, MUMS, to plant along the walkway in the front yard garden border. 
The store had a special deal for $3 a pot, really nice plants.
Normally, I don't care for orange, hot pink or red flowers, but.....
Mums are pretty common, and nothing bursts into bloom better in the Fall of the year than these boisterous ladies... and in the Spring, they return!

 Another silly delight I found was an ugly $10 quilt, whilst antiquing in Indiana. I can't show you the complete quilt, because as soon as I got to the hotel, I cut it to bits.
 Here is why: it was fashioned of 10" squares of Antique upholstery fabric and velvet. I thoroughly washed the bits and dried them on the clothesline when we got home.
 This vintage fabric has just the right look to create pincushions...

 You see, it has already been turned into a lumpy pumpkin! 

This wonderful fabric will also provide many little vests, topcoats and trousers for  my Hopalong Hollowfolk.
My next critter will be Sir Percival, from my illustration in "The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom"
His jacket may have to be orange velvet instead of red.
I will need to find some PAISLEY fabric for his pants.
 Firstly, must finish this little squirrel lady...she needs stitching on paws and a tail.
 .I REALLY like her.
PLease Meet:

Thank you Debra, for the darling little acorns at her feet!
 Till next time,
 Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dashing through September....loving acorns

  We have been so busy I've barely had time to count the acorns that are now dropping from our huge Oaks.  We have three shows in a row; We're off to Indiana tomorrow for show #2, home 3 days, and then on to Louisville for another 3 day show.
Therefore, due to lack of time and In honor of my favorite little nut, I re-post one of my favorite writings from a post I did in 2011...

There is just something about those little acorns that drives me nuts! I love them. When I stroll through the woods, instead of enjoying the towering trees adorned in their Autumnal filigree of  brazen reds, bronzes and coppers,    my eyes are scouring the ground, searching for ACORNS.
What a happy little nut is the acorn! Why does it appear so jolly? WHY are there acorn images all over my house?!!!

 I feel inspired.....
to honor the ACORN.

Ode to an Acorn
(Humor intended)

How do I love thee, little acorn?

 Let me count the ways,

I love thee on teapots,


 I love thee
Acorn finial,
Inside the potting shed,

 I love thy perky patterned cap
Atop your acorn head.

From the artists perspective
the acorn is respected,
(While  walnuts and filberts  are woefully neglected.)
Of all those in the nut world, 
Tis the acorn most adored 
While peanuts and cashews are vehemently ignored!
Indeed little acorn,
all artists sing your praises,

The potter takes his sculpting tool to carve your little faces .

Your image has been cast..
in IRON,


and WOOD

An even cast in concrete,

In paint, clay, or stonework,
No nut doth compare.
To the innocent acorn,
 So charming and fair.
And though, to the human,
  Your taste is quite bitter,
Just the mention
of your name,
Makes tree-folk twirp and twitter!

In acorn stews, and muffins too, 
No ordinary nut will do.
Acorn souffle, acorn pie
Acorns piled way up high!!!

For breakfast, supper and afternoon tea,
scouring the grounds neath the old Oak tree,
They gather you acorns three by three
and stash you like gold,
or honey to the bee.

And so, humble nut,

So tried and true

From the depths of my heart...
 I honor you.
(Okay, so it's not Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Shakespeare..... but it's REALLY, REALLY close.)


Monday, September 14, 2015

Off to the Fair

A very quick post today.
 I'm far behind in my work for the fair, as you can see by my work table.

Missing arms, missing tails, no clothing, paws not sewn, more whiskers, etc.,etc. I 'll be working into the wee hours.
I've another unfinished batch packed in a large basket.
I'll end up working in the hotel room,as usual.
Tying up loose ends, and bodies.
But when finished, Hopalong Hollow will be well represented.

From badgers, squirrels, fox, possum, bear, and many rabbits and mice.

Hope to have a lovely presentation with my books, paper-cuttings, prints and cards.

and Hopalong Hollowfolk...(those i finish!)

See you at the Fair!