Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A stranger in the house...

It seems there is a stranger in our house.....
nestled inside a cupboard in the mudroom.
 This is not a total stranger, as I have observed this kitty on and off for the past 2 years; quickly flitting around the corner of the house, glaring at me with distrust from the uppermost eaves in the barn or dashing beneath our porch at the least sign of human activity.  I did not see him over the entire Spring and Summer months. But now, she is back again.
 I discovered her/him in a cupboard inside the mudroom/utility room at the back of our house which contains laundry facilties, tools and, most importantly, a doggie door. She's been huddled in the cupboard for 2 days.
I am trying to make friends as witnessed by bowls of cream, dry kibble and canned fish.
 As I gently stroke the velvety soft fur and scratch behind the ears, this kitty hisses, snarls and growls at me. but doesn't try to bite or scratch. It is rather pitiful, I don't think he knows how to PURR, imagine the sadness in  that, a kitty than has never purred.  I think he is just fearful and suspicious  probably never having been touched before.
This cat is ever so beautiful, what a glorious face!
I hope kitty hangs around this time... I want to give her/him a name and a home.

Last weekends show was fun, but this coming weekend is my favorite show of the year.
WHY is this my favorite show? Well, it is only 30 minutes from our house, It is a Craft Guild I have belonged to for nearly 20 years, and the show, though small, has a wonderful ambiance with high quality work.
 I will be bringing a new rabbit along,
"Ruben the Radish Addict"

He is a stout fellow with an appetite for those red thingies...
He cannot get enough and is a scourge to farmers all over the area.

Nov. 20-22nd
Foothills Guild Craft Show
Knoxville Tn a
 Jacobs Building at Fairgrounds in Knoxville 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Part 4... Fuzzy Birds, and a few Oddities

Out the door again in 2 days, to a show in Franklin Tennessee. This one sounds very interesting...
  I have a dozen or so birds
of all description.
And a mother possum in the works.
She is spoken for.

I am still working on her children.

 There will be many little rats and mice...

and all manner of Hare-folk....rabbits, bunnies.

and vintage style teddy bears in a well-worn state,
 all await adoption.
I said before that this promises to be a unique kind of affair. 
Held at the "Factory in Franklin", which is a collection of 12 antique warehouse buildings revamped into specialty shops and restaurants, this show will have 31 "hand picked" vendors in the Jameson Building, artisans, antiques and vintage.
The guest vendor is the rock star celebrity, Sheryl Crow, (this town is very near Nashville). I'm told she will be selling antiques she has collected over the years and her proceeds will go to charity.
  My proceeds will NOT go to charity, but I hope you will come and see me anyway, and maybe pick up a book, a print, a card OR maybe a very special critter from Hopalong Hollow!
Nov. 13-15th
City Farmhouse pop up show
 Franklin, Tn 
at the Historic FACTORY in Franklin 

(Toby pulled this rabbit out of his hat...now they are the best of friends.)

For all my other show info, scroll down to "A Gathering of Hares"

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Part 3.... mice that can carry a tune..

My blogger friend, Donna, said that mice really can sing....
I looked it up, and sure enough mice sing for all sorts of reasons;
mating rituals, warnings of danger... or, for the same reason we do:
Singing is a joy!
Everyone knows that!
Especially little mice,
(who happen to have the tiniest, most delicate  of voices.)

You must listen carefully, very closely,
 if you want to get the full impact....
of Caroling Mice.
These tiny vocalists will be accompanying me to the last shows this month. To see the fox and rabbits AND our show schedule scroll down to 2 posts to the Gathering of Hares.
Fa la la la la.....La la la la!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Part 2 of Finishing up the Critters..Foxy Love

 There is one sure way to capture the heart of a vixen with whom one is smitten..
A basket of hen's eggs fresh from the barn!
 Being a real gentleman doesn't hurt either;
and sporting a very impressive hat.
Even the coyest of Vixens cannot resist.

  Foxy Love
These are 2 more Hopalong HOllowfolk
ready for traveling  to the last 4 shows. Foxes are not yet priced as I'm not sure I want break them up....understandably.
See post beneath for rabbits and
my schedule..

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Gathering of Hares

Hello from the HOLLOW! 
 I have been unable to post and visit due to a heavy  schedule, but would like to introduce you to a few of the reasons.
  Meet my latest gathering of Hares which will accompany us to the last 4 shows of the year in:
 Columbia S.C., Franklin, Tn., Knoxville, Tn. and Greensboro, N.C.
My Rabbits are inspired by my book illustration and are created using sheep's wool, Alpaca, Mohair, handmade felt,  cotton, vintage fabrics and buttons. All the bunnies are weighted to stand firmly and have the most beautiful glass eyes and charming faces.
  Honestly, you  have to hold them in your palm to truly fall in love.
Photos don't really portray the varied personality of each little person.
 This batch of buns stand around 7" and
the cost is $225 to $250.  I do hope some of you are able to meet them in person  at a show listed beneath.
 I am finishing up all the Hopalong Hollowfolk that have been patiently waiting in baskets and bags.
Each day I will post a picture of what I have finished during the day, so please stay tuned to this page daily .

Tonight I am finishing up 3 caroling little mice..

Here is my show schedule for the rest of the year:

Craftsmens Classic Art show
 Columbia, S.C. State Fairgrounds

Nov. 13-15th
City Farmhouse pop up show
 Franklin, Tn 
at the Historic FACTORY in Franklin 

Nov. 20-22nd
Foothills Guild Craft Show
Knoxville Tn a
 Jacobs Building at Fairgrounds in Knoxville


Craftsmens's Classic Art Show
 Greensboro, N.C. Greensboro Coliseum 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why is there always a cat in my lap?

I ask that question out loud every day.
 I took advantage of the warm Autumn weather today and brought all my  materials out to the porch to work at the wicker table. But alas... I am never alone.
  The cats would not let that happen....
 If there is not a cat on my lap, then there is inevitably a cat sitting exactly where I do not want one. 
  The girls would be sitting on the rabbit heads had I not moved them 3 times already...the cats, not the rabbit heads.

 With felines on the table...
and a PEAHEN perched on the chair across from me....

and another peahen scolding me from atop the weeping Mulberry tree,
the roosters and hens stroll by whistling Dixie.

 Every so often, I toss bits of bread to the birds that are hanging out, just off the porch.
 What a life!
 Keats winks at me and asks for a belly rub.
 Do you think I really got any work done today?
NOPE.. too many distractions.