Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Parade... book winner

Do you remember an Easter Parade like this?
 You may, if you are my age....
 These funny little Easter toys date from the 40's to 50's
He is my favorite, look at the cunning little designs on the wheels of his cart!

 If you put marbles in the top of the hens head, then press her back down,
she will lay colored eggs for you.

 Paper and Lithographed eggs from Germany have been produced for years.
 The really dark one on the left, I have had for 40 years!
 The designs on the eggs are just so charming!
And so is Ducky Waddles, and speaking of ducks and such....
 I took a little time today to do some Scrafitto eggs. I mentioned these last year.
Scrafitto is simply the folk art of scratching a layer of surface off, to find another color beneath.
 In the case of these eggs (from my Geese and Ducks) I have "scratched" away the top layer of dye to find the white eggshell beneath.

 This large goose egg has 4 laying geese all around the shell.

The Goose egg below has 4 different bird images.
Basically, you are etching into the egg shell.

 Art on an eggshell,
and hopping buns!

 My post from last March explains this art in more detail, if you wish to try it!
Book is MITZI... 
 Mitzi, send me your address and I will send you a book!
 I have  a squirrely girl here...
 but she hasn't got a tail yet
 So I will introduce her next week.
See you soon!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

More Fuzzyfoots and the 10th anniversary of Hopalong Jack

Meet Mr Maxwell.. he loves his kibble, you can tell by his chubby tum tum. In fact, he is rather chunky all round, from his toesies to his nosey and his fluffy fat tail.

Mr. Maxwell doesn't chase mice, he would rather sit on the floor and play with his toys.
He is 12" tall and fully jointed with weighted feet.
Stitched with mohair and Needle felted with sheep's wool and Alpaca.

 Esker Fuzzyfoot is
  a  lovable little bun that sits in your palm at 6" tall to the top of his head and 9" to the tips of his ears.

His head is articulated to turn any which way, his arms and legs are jointed. He is a very proper young bun, with excellent manners. and a love for good conversation.
His footsies are weighted and handstitched.
 Fashioned of long mohair and Needle felted with sheep's wool and Alpaca, Esker is quite kissable.

Above is Poppins Bunwinkie. This handsome chap would rather be in the garden, poking in the radish bed than posing for pictures.
He has articulated arms and head with jointed and weighted legs.
Stitched with white mohair and Needle felted with Black Alpaca wool and sheep's wool from my Linclon Finn, Beatrix.
His vest has shoe buttons, embroidery and is festooned with his favorite vegetables. It  is removable by unsnapping at the shoulders.
 He sits or stands beautifully!

Three jolly inhabitants of Hopalong Hollow!
Next week, I will introduce you to some squirrels and chippys.
 Now I hope you will join me as I celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first and foremost little rabbit, Hopalong Jack.

  My Book, "Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies" was first published in 2005 and has just been reprinted for the 9th time! We are expecting 6000 books to arrive next week. I am always delightfully surprised when I meet a child of 7 to 9 years old at an art show, and learn that he or she has loved this book since they were "little" (little, being 1 to 2 years old).  It  is exciting for a book creator, to know that one's books have become a keepsake and a childhood memory, but this is not a storybook for children alone, as 1/3 of my customers purchase my books for an adult. Aren't YOU a child at heart too?

Since Hopalong Jack was the impetus for  Hopalong Hollow and thus, all following books and woolen characters, it seems odd that I have not yet reproduced HIM in 3-D as yet. I will do it soon.
To celebrate Jacks 10th anniversary, and in time for Easter, I offer a chance to win  a signed copy of Hopalong Jack. Just leave a message or an email, I will draw a name  next week. It doesn't matter if you already own the book, if you win, it makes a lovely gift for someone else.
Cheers from Hopalong Hollow!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March Hares and garden goods

We exhibited at the Nashville Garden show this past weekend, and I am embarrassed to tell you I took NO pictures of the beautiful displays. Nevertheless, I came home with 21 plants to start out the Spring planting.
Dwarf Hollyhocks, Penstemon, Mexican sage, Dwarf Butterfly bush, Purple sage, Lavender (of course!) and Rose Campion. A small selection, but a beginning.
I always buy at least 3 of each plant.
Last year, I finally discovered a Lavender that is Jeri-proof. I'm at the top of the MOST WANTED list for killing  Lavender plants. Little Lavender plants shudder with fear when they see me coming; but honestly, I have tried everything  to properly care for them, to no avail.. THEN, I discovered  "PHENOMENAL" Lavender. It actually likes our Tennessee climate and it even survived this winter's mess! So, I bought 5 more tiny pots.
(And the planter is pretty cool too.)
Snooping amidst my potager plot, I poked at newly emerging buds, tiny leaves, signs of life and the encouragement of things to come. 
 I also found these...
Two huge eggs are even larger than last years goose eggs!
These must belong to Mathilda, who has never before graced us with her bounty.How exciting! Maybe we will have  Tilly Goslings this year.
You may have noticed, we also have a few Fuzzyfoots  sniffing amidst the future garden goods.
Lydia Lemongrass 
is 7" tall from foot to ear tip. She sits atop a tuffet pin-cushion made from a vintage quilt with primitive stitching. She is fashioned of sheep's wool, and silvery grey mohair. Her head and arms are jointed so that she can search high and low neath the parsley, to reach the  best bits.

 I must confess, I love Lydia.
Once a week, for the next month, I will be featuring  a few of my woolen Fuzzyfoots.
Below is Tottietoes.
 She is nearly 5 1/2" tall and sits upon a soft, puffy pin-keep sewn from my own "Hopalong Jack" quilt fabric, covered in Morning Glories.Tottietoes is fashioned of Alpaca wool, sheep's wool and 
Her little noggin is jointed so that she can turn her fuzzy face from side to side in search of miniature rose buds to add to her straw bonnet.

Mr Parsnip is ever so fuzzy, extremely so.

Looks like he's already discovered some early carrots..

and a cabbage too!
 That's good, because he IS a vegetarian.
Mr. Parsnip has an articulated neck, is fully jointed and has very large feet.
He carries his cabbage and has a basket on his back.

 In fact, I am still trying to figure a way to keep him from toppling over. I will likely have to remove his soles and add some weights to the inside of his footsies. Trial and error.
He is fashioned of long curly mohair, alpaca and sheep's wool with glass eyes. and stands 8" tall.

 My little Fuzzyfoots will be available for sale at the Country Living Fair, April 24-26th.
Some will be up for bid on Ebay.
 I displayed 10 of them at the garden show, and I could have sold them all , but I wouldn't.
I want to make an impressive display of around 40 "Fuzzyfoots and Featherweights" in my booth at the Fair.
To those of you, who have  been following my progress in this endeavor,:If you fall in love with one of these little un's  posted in the next few weeks, let me know, I will be pleased to reserve it for you and mark it sold. Just email me at jeri@hopalonggreetings.com
My prices will start at $225.
I do all the Country Living Fairs, they are just great. I am especially excited about this one because it is in my state and only 3 hours from home.
 I will keep reminding you of this fair for  the next month... I want you to come!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


      I've wanted to blog about our kitchen renovation for weeks now... but that job  is not finished due to unforeseen circumstances. So, what can I post on today? I hadn't a clue, until I spritzed a mist of  "Innisfree" on my wrist, and with the sweet fragrance of spicy and floral deliciousness, the snow melted, the leaves miraculously appeared on the trees and the daffodils poked their sharp green blades through the frozen earth! 

Well,  maybe I'm exaggerating, but you must agree that  perfume is a most uplifting and magical substance.

     I may be a  farm gal, but I never go a day without lipstick or perfume . Is  there anything that makes one feel more feminine than perfume? 

As if the scent weren't enough to draw you in,  the packaging of perfume has always been in the most attractive of containers.
All of the above are antique cologne bottles with sweet names like Superior Pomade, Violet Toilet Water and Clover of India.

My first bottle of perfume, perhaps I was around 13yrs old, was a simple eau de toilet called "Muguet de Bois" by Coty. Imagine my surprise when I recently tracked down a bottle of this cologne I thought long ago discontinued. It still smells light and wonderful as lily of the valley.
Most ladies discover a perfume they love and continue with it for a lifetime. How about you?
 My long time favorites are "Romance" by Ralph Lauren and "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder.
However, I love trying new scents and recently discovered a   sweet smelling, fragile fragrance made in Ireland called:
I did not have a clue that perfume was made in Ireland, what an unexpected pleasure.
 And who could resist these wonderful tiny bottles of aroma from Penhaligon's?
If you want to test a new scent without paying a fortune for a full size bottle, they also offer skinny vials in a sample box.  A 3.4 oz bottle of Penhaligon's runs close to $100, so you will want to experiment before committing.
 I highly recommend the Bluebell, Victorian Rose and Lily of the Valley.. that is, if you like a light flowery scent as I do.
Now, I am on a search for 3 other perfumes I wore long ago. ELUSIVE by Avon; my fragrance in High School ,CHAMADE by Guerlain, discovered on a trip to a duty-free shop  in the Carribean when I was 21 and  Rive Gauche by YVES ST Lauren.purchased for me by a good friend on my 25th birthday.
Fragrance brings on such memories. I can still remember the first time I used Yardley's English Lavender Soap... it is still a favorite of mine.
 Please share, what cologne, perfumes, scents or soaps do you love?  What was the first perfume you ever wore? And one more.. Are you old enough to remember a cologne my mother used to wear called "Evening in Paris"? I think it was pretty awful, but very nostalgic. Mom used to sell Avon door to door in the 60's and she got many free samples of perfume, thank goodness she gave up the "Evening in Paris"
 Still, I would love to find an old bottle to add to my collection.